Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Figma
Time: May 2021 - Present


Since May 2021 I have been working as a Graphic Design Intern for LendingTree, an online business platform which helps consumers compare and shop finance options from a large network of lenders, banks, and credit partners. My role involves working with product managers, designers, and software developers to ideate and design new ads for LendingTree's Digital Marketing Channels.

Display Advertisements

The Display ads I design are developed as HTML5 banners and tested by the Marketing team to gauge which design drives the greatest performance. Using the data garnered from these user tests, I iterate upon designs with the goal of improving metrics such as viewer engagement, click-through rates, impressions, conversion rates, and revenue. Below is a sampling of winning creatives I have designed:

Gamifying Refinance Ads

While our top-performing refinance calculator ads are relatively unembellished with white backgrounds, I sought to enhance user experience by designing an experimental ‘arcade’ of display banners. 

I framed my approach around these goals: 

  1. Advance LendingTree consumer financial knowledge
  2. Increase ad engagement
  3. Develop ways to personify and humanize money
  4. Test different illustration styles

Paid Social Ads

In addition to Display ads, I design Paid Social ads which are tested on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. These designs are also revised according to performance data, however I am able to exercise a broader range of creative messaging to amplify the LendingTree brand identity.