Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Figma
Time: May 2021 - Present


November 2021

Marketing Design - Branding  

Fringe is an exhibition proposal which seeks to explore feelings of interpersonal disjointedness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I designed, curated, and branded an exhibition catalog, brochure, poster, and other promotional materials.

Branding & Style Guide

I wanted to gadget hair as a motif in Fringe's logotype, as it can represent a passage of time which we grow more attached to as we retain it. Hair, fiber, and other objects which are casually dismembered from their source share something in common with how relationships became entangled and at times unraveled during the pandemic.

Promotional Materials

Exhibition Catalog

COVID-19 has not only disproportionately affected marginalized populations but also has sent waves of quarantine-induced loneliness and feelings of disconnect across the globe. In my curation of these pieces, I do not aim to express a continuous narrative of how the pandemic has played out; rather, I aim to curate a mix of emotive works which, though not connected by movement or intended theme, express the unraveling of the human mind over time. These works achieve this emotionally charged aesthetic through use of intestinal forms, performed chaos, or even the physical incorporation of human hair itself. They attack the viewer’s consciousness by exposing to them the artists’ personal fears and chaotic innards. Yet in their disturbing visual forms this aggression succeeds in unifying both experiences, and perhaps the viewer may find solace in these augmented realities.