Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Figma
Time: May 2021 - Present
Design Gallery
A display room of my freelance work.

Gargoyle Magazine, etc.

September 2018 - May 2022

Graphic Design - Illustration - Editorial Design

Established in 1909, The Gargoyle Magazine is the University of Michigan's oldest student-run humor magazine. The magazine publishes 4 issues each academic year and features short stories, satire, illustration, and comics.

I oversaw the Gargoyle's creative direction and print production, and managed a team of designers and content creators for 8 issues.

Magazine & Illustration



Graphic Design - Typography - Type Design

Finge is a decorative, modular typeface inspired by human fingerprints and art nouveau scroll motifs.

I designed the modules and letterforms in Illustrator before converting it to a font with Fontforge. The typeface is downloadable here and has accumulated almost 4,000 users.